What to Consider When Selecting A New Shower in Downriver Michigan

If you are looking to remodel your bathroom, or are in need of a new shower, you may not realize just how much of a difference there is with showers. From size to shape, materials, storage, and even seating, there are lots of things to consider. Getting a plumber in Downriver Michigan to install a new shower for you can certainly give your home a boost in value and can make the bathroom much more functional as well. To help you better understand what shower might be best for you, there are some things you need to consider.

What to Consider When Selecting A New Shower in Downriver Michigan

As we get older we require more support and components for our homes. For people with disabilities and seniors having handles and other components in place to help users keep from falling is usually needed. But while safety is always a concern and something you should always consider when getting a bathroom remodel for your home there are many other things you should consider as well. Take a look at some of the items below before you commit to a bathroom remodel and shower for your home.

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The size of your shower is important when choosing what you want for your home. If you have a small bathroom, you may want to opt for a shower and tub in one to both save space, and give you more options for cleaning. If you want to keep them separate, you may have to opt for a smaller shower. Some people also choose to have a larger shower area that includes a tub in it, but also allows for separate places to use them. It is important that you get proper measurements and really think about how you should best use what space you have.


Showers can be flush with the rest of the bathroom floor, or raised to better keep water in the designated area. You will need to decide what is best for you and your needs to better determine what option is best. You should also consider whether you want a door to open and close to your shower, or if you just want a curtain. If you want to have a door, you will need to make sure that door will work with the shower you select.


You can plan out your own shower and work from a custom design to provide you with everything you need, if a floor model isn’t giving you what you want. This allows you to accommodate everything you think you would need, from shelving to showerheads, handles and more. It is also important to consider what material you use if you may want shower handles installed down the road.

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If you have a shower that is shared by many people every day, you will need something that can accommodate the heavy foot traffic. This means going with something like acrylic that can take on lots of use and things being dropped or hit against the shower walls. Tile on the other hand, can be more prone to leaks and can crack and chip more easily.


Shower tiles and glass doors can team up to create something luxurious that looks straight out of a magazine. Coming in lots of colors and styles, shower tiles can make your shower as simple, or as unique as you like, making it easier for you to customize and get what you want.


Installing showers is always easier when you go with something like acrylic that can easily be bought, transported, and put into place. If you go with tiles, you will have a longer wait time before your shower is useable, especially if you go with a print that needs to be installed a certain way. For the fastest turn around time, and smallest cost, choose an acrylic floor model. Curtain rods can also be installed yourself if you want to avoid dealing with a door installation.

Talk with a Contractor

To get a better understanding of the available options for your bathroom it’s always best to talk with a plumber about your options. Be sure to call Downriver Plumbers today at (734) 548-9925 to discuss options for your bathroom shower.

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