Utilizing Technology to Save Money on Your Water Bill in Downriver Michigan

As time advances, having a home with smart technology that is built-in is becoming a regular occurrence. By utilizing these resources, you are able to not only save time, but also save money. While heating and cooling options are notorious for being tech-friendly, most homeowners overlook the fact that plumbing can also be upgraded in this way. With a smarter approach to your home’s plumbing, you will be able to use less water and ensure that your pipes are functioning more efficiently. However, there are some pitfalls that you’ll want to avoid and talk with a certified plumber in Downriver Michigan before taking the plunge on some of these items. 

Utilizing Technology to Save Money on Your Water Bill in Downriver Michigan

One of the biggest problems that home owners will find with much of the newer technology designed to save them money and conserve resources is improper installation. When a fixture is not installed correctly it may actually cause your home to waste more resources. As with any plumbing work you have done at your home it’s important to always use properly qualified and licensed plumbing professionals on your home’s plumbing. You may save money by doing it yourself initially but the costs over the long run may be much higher. With that being said, there are many things that you can utilize with your home’s plumbing that can really make a difference on your water bill in Downriver Michigan.

Utilizing Technology to Save Money on Your Water Bill in Downriver Michigan

Determine Your Usage

A good starting point is to be aware of how much water-usage your household is responsible for. This number can vary greatly due to several factors, but in the United States, the average amount is around 90 gallons each day. Flushing the toilet makes up a large percentage of said usage; this is followed closely by running water for showers and baths. While these things are basic human necessities, it is still important to be aware of your usage. Other activities that you may not consider to huge water usage items is sprinklers, washing a car, watering your lawn, etc… although these items are not considered part of the home plumbing even though they do affect your overall water bill in most cases.

Smarter Options for your Plumbing in Downriver Michigan

If you notice that your toilet is running, fix it as soon as possible. Plenty of toilet upgrades modernize the way that the water is being distributed. This can prevent your toilet from running water through its pipes unnecessarily. These “smart” toilets are thought to save up to 13,000 gallons of water each year. For showering, be conscientious of the amount of time that you spend with the water running each day. If each family member cuts down even just 3 minutes of time, this can greatly improve your usage. Also, consider a faucet aerator. This device is meant to cut your water consumption in half without resulting in a loss of water pressure. The air that passes through the device is meant to maintain the same pressure that you are already used to.

Appliances and Energy-Savers

Laundry rooms and kitchens are also culprits of water usage. Your washing machine and dishwasher operate with the help of water power. If you are able to upgrade these appliances to “energy star” models, you could be using around 25% less electricity and up to 50% less water. Another simple laundry tip is to wash your clothes in cold water. By doing so, you will save money on your bill because it takes more energy to heat up the water.

Water Chart Comparison

The following is an example of  water usage through a comparative chart:

Bath: 36 gallons, $0.14 per/use
Shower 10 min (with regular shower head): 50 gallons, $0.20 per/use
Shower 10 min (with smart shower head): 20 gallons, $0.08
Dishwasher (regular): 16 gallons, $0.06
Dishwasher (energy-saver): 6 gallons, $0.02
Toilet Flush (regular): 3 gallons, $0.01
Toilet Flush (energy-saver): 1.6 gallons, less than $0.01
Watering Lawn: 60 gallons, $0.24

As shown, switching to an energy-saving household will save you money over time. Even if you are only able to upgrade some of your appliances at once, you will still be able to notice the difference when your water bill arrives.

Talk with a certified plumber such as Downriver Plumbers to learn more about smart options that can help save money on your water bill. You can call Downriver Plumbers today at 734-548-9925 to learn more about their services.

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