Should You Update Your Bathroom’s Plumbing in Downriver Michigan?

Remodeling your home’s bathroom isn’t just for design updates or increasing it’s size but it can be done for other things as well. Sometimes in older homes there can be problems with the plumbing that you’ll need to address even if you’re not considering changing much in the bathroom when doing a bathroom remodel. I’ll list some of the common problems that you may be experiencing in your home that will need a plumber Downriver MI to repair in your home. 

Should You Update Your Bathroom’s Plumbing in Downriver Michigan?

Although most homes in the Downriver Michigan area will have city or county water service depending on the community you live in. But for homes that may be a bit more off the grid and have access to well water sources these tips can be exaggerated. Although these problems will likely not show up right away they can still be problematic. Since most of these problems happen over time homes that have older plumbing will likely experience them.

Should You Update Your Bathroom's Plumbing in Downriver Michigan?

Is Your Water Pressure Not Good?

A big problem with older homes is that the pipes are usually smaller diameter pipes which don’t allow much water through. While this is okay during the first bit of usage as time goes on the interior of the pipes can sometimes create drag in the water flow causing the water pressure to drop. This was especially true in bathrooms because it was thought that not as much water pressure was needed. Any fixture in your bathroom should maintain about 2.5 gallons of water per minute. If you don’t have that volume of water then there may be a problem.

Any fixture in your bathroom should maintain about 2.5 gallons of water per minute. If you don’t have that volume of water then there may be a problem.

Slow Drains in Older Homes

Just like pressure problems, drain pipes can also build debris on the walls of the pipe. As this builds up the drain pipe gets smaller and smaller. This will usually result in the drains clogging more easily. In order to properly fix this issue you’ll need to have the pipes cleaned or new drain pipes installed. If your home is older than 30 years old this is a very common problem and may be causing other issues with drainage in the home as well.

Mold on Walls of the Bathroom

Just because you can’t see a water leak in the bathroom doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Pipes located inside bathroom walls can leak onto the wall and drain under the home where you may never know. Sometimes when this happens mold will start to develop on the wall in the bathroom. If you notice this mold on your wall then be sure to get a plumber to check the bathroom for leaks. This will likely include removing the mold as well.

Faulty Fixtures or Hardware

Does your bathroom faucet have a particular way to turn it off and on. Or does your toilet sometimes run until you ‘jiggle’ the handle. These problems may seem a bit trivial but if left unattended problems like this can cause your water bill to skyrocket. If your bathroom has faulty fixtures or hardware issues be sure to get it fixed right away.

Quality of Water Problems

Although most people tend to frown on drinking water from the bathroom sink it should be just as clean as the kitchen faucet. If your bathroom water doesn’t seem right it may not be your imagination however. When water heater or water tanks have problems they can make the water in your home smell bad and even feel a bit chalky. Make sure that you get your water quality checked if you suspect there is a problem with it.

Get Repairs for Your Plumbing Needs in Downriver Michigan

If you have any of these problems occurring in your Downriver Michigan home be sure to call a qualified plumbing company in Downriver Michigan to remedy them. One of the best plumbing contractors that we recommend here at The Bathroom Restoration is Downriver Plumbers. They are fully licensed and certified plumbers in the Downriver Michigan area plus they offer emergency service if needed. Give them a call today to get plumbing service in Downriver Michigan at 734-548-9925


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