Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling Your Bathroom in MI

A very popular room that many people want to remodel is the bathroom. It seems that most of the more popular homes we view have some great looking bathrooms and getting that same magic at our own homes is a joy. However, getting a bathroom remodel certainly doesn’t mean that everything will go correctly and turn out like you plan. In fact, there are some things that may seem great but turn into disasters when you try and apply to the bathroom. In this article I’ll go over the top 5 bathroom remodel mistakes that many home owners face and how you can avoid them. 

Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling Your Bathroom in MI

One of the biggest concerns of most home owners when doing a bathroom remodel is whether the remodel project will still be good in a few years or more into the future. For some more understanding take a look at some of the bathroom designs from the 1970s and earlier. Avocado green components and shag carpeting just doesn’t seem like a good idea and I’m not sure what those guys were thinking back then. So if you don’t want your bathroom to end up like this be sure to follow the 5 tips I’ll give you below.

5 Bathroom Remodel Mistakes You Should Avoid

Covering the Walls in Your Bathroom with Wallpaper

There are some great wallpaper designs that include textures that are available today and they look great but they shouldn’t be used in the bathroom. The problem is that when someone takes a shower and doesn’t turn on the exhaust fan the room is filled with humidity that can cause all sorts of problems for wallpaper. While it may hold initially chances are the edges will start to pucker and eventually pull away from the wall. When this happens you’ll not only have to remove the wallpaper before applying any other type of wall covering or paint. A better solution would be to paint or tile the bathroom.

Adding Laminate Flooring in the Bathroom

Laminate flooring has become really popular in homes today. It’s a great flooring solution that looks great and seems like it’s waterproof. However, although it looks waterproof most laminate flooring isn’t. When a small amount of water gets into the cracks no matter how small in between the planks it can cause problems. The plank edges will start to swell and wear prematurely to start. Then over time your floor will be uneven with wear marks where the planks are joined together. A good alternative to laminate flooring is to use luxury vinyl tile flooring or tile flooring in the bathroom.

Be Careful of Slippery Flooring in the Bathroom

No matter what type of flooring you have installed in the bathroom one thing that you’ll certainly want to avoid is slick and glossy flooring. The reason why is that it can become extremely slippery when it gets damp. There are flooring solutions that have a surface that is not slippery and has groves and other designs that should prevent slipping on them. Make sure the flooring you choose isn’t something that could injure you by slipping down in the bathroom.

Avoid Carpeting in the Bathroom

A popular trend in the 1980s was to install wall to wall carpet in every room. That includes the bathroom which can be a huge bathroom remodel mistakes. Even indoor outdoor carpet which is designed to resist soaking in water is a problem. Because water can seep through and under the carpet it creates an environment that can promote mold growth. And since the mold is out of sight it can be that much more of a problem and spread without your knowledge. Keeping a flooring system that is water proof and doesn’t contain any carpeting is your best bet to avoid this, and don’t use carpeting at all in the bathroom remodel.

Attempting a Huge Bathroom Remodel by Yourself

Do it yourself projects can give home owners a sense of accomplishment. But when it comes to the bathroom most home owners get more a sense of ‘what did I do wrong’. Since bathroom remodels can affect the plumbing and electrical components of your home it’s always best to get a home improvement contractor to handle the bathroom remodel for you especially if the bathroom remodel is a larger project.

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