Consider These Lighting Tips for a Bathroom Remodel in Downriver Michigan

Your bathroom lighting is sort of like your water heater in the sense that it is an important part of your life that you do not appreciate until it isn’t working properly. You need good lighting to get ready for work, school, nights out and to gauge whether or not the new diet is working. One of the most overlooked components when getting a bathroom remodel in Downriver Michigan is the lighting for the project. Many homeowners tend to always shy away from proper lighting and in the bathroom, it can make a huge difference.

Consider These Lighting Tips for a Bathroom Remodel in Downriver Michigan

Perhaps you recently went to someone’s home with superior lighting and now you are wondering where to start if you want something similar. Maybe your favorite sconces got wrecked in a recent alcohol-shower related incident and you do not know the proper name for them to tell the people at Home Depot. In either case, it’s important to understand just how much lighting you’ll need in your bathroom remodel project in Downriver Michigan. Remember, it’s a lot easier to just leave a few lights off if they are not needed rather than adding lights after the remodeling project is done.

Consider These Lighting Tips for a Bathroom Remodel in Downriver Michigan

Basics Of Bathroom Lighting


  • With all of our technology and advancements in modern lighting, film students and photographers will still tell you that the best light is natural light. Instead of installing more electrical wonders into your bathroom consider having a couple of windows installed. Solar tubes and skylights are another way to add natural light in the bathroom as well. 


  • You can never go wrong with a chandelier, no matter which room it is in. Pick a color to match your walls and power it up with modern LED’s for a nice warm effect first thing in the morning. The chandeliers isn’t just used in the kitchen or dining areas of the home. There are fixtures that are designed to be used in the bathroom as well which can make a great addition to your bathroom remodel project.

Ceiling Lamps

  • Ceiling lamps are probably what you grew up with in all of the rooms in your house. You do not need to settle for old-fashioned bulbs that cast that dull yellow light on your bedtime routine. Florescent and LED options are available.


  • These two to three or more lamp strips can be placed anywhere in your bathroom and outfitted with any type of bulb you wish. Go crazy with some red and blue multicolor line ups if you want. The sky is the limit when it comes to your bathroom remodel project.

Mirror Lights

  • These are plain cool. Though you should have additional light sources on the ceiling or walls, mirror lights will give you a high definition look at your shaves or makeup jobs.

Task Lighting

  • Though mirror lights are essentially under this department, task lighting is placing light sources in areas for specific things around your bathroom such as showering. These tend to be smaller and spaced evenly around parts of your bathroom.


  • Maybe you want to cool the mood in the room and defrag in the bathtub. Having a dimmer installed will help you set the mood. Unless you find being flushed with light relaxing, then go nuts.

Custom Light Fixtures

  • From steampunk sconces to death metal chandeliers, you don’t have to stop being selective at the bulb. Create your dream bathroom with paintings and accents that make your personality pop when people are searching for ibuprofen in your cabinet that has an engraving of Ron Perlman wearing a sailor suit in the corner.

Light The Way With a Qualified Home Improvement Contractor

Whatever you decide on it should be known that installing anything electrical can be tricky and hazardous. Wires need to be stripped and tied, sheetrock needs to be cut and finished, all of which could go wrong in the hands of a DIY’er. If you have any questions about lighting installation or would like a consultation, please contact the home improvement experts at The Bathroom Restoration today by filling in the form below. We offer free estimates on home improvement projects and are fully licensed and insured contractor in Downriver Michigan.

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