Before a Bathroom Remodel in Downriver Michigan Consider These Tips

Creating a bathroom that you will love and fits your personality can be great. Bathroom remodel projects are a  great way to make the house you live in more of a home and more fashioned towards you and your family. Bathroom remodel projects are much more of a home improvement project than some realize. So before you start a bathroom remodel in Downriver Michigan be sure to check out these tips that can help you get more out of your project.

Before a Bathroom Remodel in Downriver Michigan Consider These Tips

Although when most people are considering a home improvement project to do, the bathroom is usually one of the top rooms to remodel they instead focus on other rooms. One reason why so many people skip the bathroom remodel is the many components that are located there. It’s a small space that they don’t consider the impact of the home remodel project. However, a bathroom or kitchen remodel project is one of the best you can do to impact the entire home and value of the home. But before you dive into a bathroom remodel be sure to consider these tips first:

Before a Bathroom Remodel in Downriver Michigan Consider These Tips

Consider the Bathroom Essentials

While a bathroom remodel project can be extreme in many ways with so much you’re able to change it’s best to keep it down to earth. First, it’s important to remember why you have the bathroom to begin with. There are essentials that you’ll need that must be functional. Design can come second to functionality.

Make a Budget and Stick To It

Many times home owners get into an endless pit of costs during a bathroom or kitchen remodel simply because they didn’t start with a budget in place. Simply winging it can be extremely expensive especially when you make loads of changing during the project. Choose a budget and include some funds for changes but for the most part be sure to stick to your budget.

Flooring is Very Important

There are many different options when it comes to the flooring for your bathroom. Ceramic tiles are very popular because they offer water proof barrier on the floor and they look great. However, you may also want to consider luxury vinyl tile flooring for the bathroom. It’s also water proof and looks absolutely amazing.

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Better Lighting is a Must

In most homes the bathroom only has a single light that is usually located above the bathroom vanity. Today, there are many lighting options that allow you to brighten the bathroom up which can make it look absolutely amazing. Be sure to consider lighting in areas which may be ‘cornered in’ or above shower areas and such. They locations may also require specialized lighting systems but should be explored for a better look for the bathroom.

More Storage

Don’t fall for the biggest problem that many people fall for and that is removing storage space for floor space in the bathroom. Sometimes shelving or closets are removed to make the bathroom bigger but can lead to many problems down the road. Make sure you have enough storage space in your bathroom. If you’re using the extra space for items that can be located elsewhere such as the garage it’s okay but don’t sacrifice storage space that you will need simply to make a larger floor space in the bathroom.

Consider Recessed Cabinets

A great way to get a little more storage space in your bathroom is to use recessed cabinets in the bathroom. Recessed cabinets can add storage space without a large footprint in the bathroom which can give you the added storage space while still giving you a large floor space in the bathroom.

Always Use a Professional

When it comes to a bathroom remodel project you’ll always want to use a licensed professional. Since there are specialized plumbing and electrical systems in the bathroom a professional will need to be used to ensure these things are done correctly and that your home will pass the inspection once the project is complete. For home owners in Downriver Michigan be sure to contact The Bathroom Restoration today be filling in the form below. We offer free estimates on projects and can help you get the bathroom you have been dreaming of.

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