5 Things to Consider for Your Bathroom Remodel in Plymouth Michigan

Homeowners get a bathroom remodel for a variety of reasons, such as wanting to modernize their bathroom or making their bathroom bigger. Regardless of your reasons for wanting to remodel your bathroom, there are a few things you should consider when planning and executing your bathroom remodel in Plymouth Michigan. Check out our list below of the top five things to consider when remodeling your bathroom.

5 Things to Consider for Your Bathroom Remodel in Plymouth Michigan

Unlike other rooms in your home, when it comes to the bathroom there are many things to consider. Since the bathroom has plumbing and speicalized electrical circuits many of the home improvement projects will pale in comparison. There are many home owners who attempt a bathroom remodel themselves but this can be both dangerous and costly. Since plumbing and electrical wiring will require the help of a contractor for most bathroom remodel projects, why not start with a qualified contractor. Chances are, if you don’t do things correctly it will end up costing much more in the long run. Not only that but you may not even realize there was a mistake and need to do the entire project over again. With that being said, be sure to also consider these 5 things when you want to remodel your bathroom in Plymouth Michigan.

5 Things to Consider for Your Bathroom Remodel in Plymouth Michigan

Consider Lighting

Most people don’t realize that lighting could make or break a bathroom. In other words, sometimes simply adding more electric and natural light to a bathroom could make it feel like a completely new bathroom. That being said, you should put an importance on lighting for your bathroom remodel. When changing your bathroom lighting, consider whether you want to add a skylight, window, or simply want to install a new lighting system. If you really want to revamp your bathroom, consider all of those lighting options. Not only will these aspects bring more light into your bathroom, but it will also make your bathroom appear bigger, which is a great aspect if you have a bathroom that’s on the smaller side.

Recognize the Importance of Ventilation

Typically, people solely focus on the cosmetic aspects during a bathroom remodel. While cosmetic aspects, such as the overall design and layout, of your bathroom are important, it’s also important to consider the functionality of your bathroom. Ventilation plays a key role in your bathroom’s functionality. After all, it’s important that air flows freely and moisture doesn’t build up in your bathroom. While there are a few ways you can increase ventilation in your bathroom, installing a quality fan on the ceiling is one of the best ways.

Revamp Your Shower

One of the premiere aspects of a bathroom is a shower. That being said, consider completely revamping your shower during your bathroom remodel. Revamping your shower includes installing a new shower head, changing the tiling, and even expanding your shower entirely. If you feel like you have too many products, consider adding shelves or a bench to your shower. This will help keep you organized without having to purchase additional shelving products.

Maximize Space in Your New Bathroom

Just like a kitchen remodel, you should consider maximizing space during a bathroom remodel. There are a few ways you can maximize space. For example, you can install cabinets above and below your sink, as well as around your bathroom. If you have a lot of open wall space in your bathroom, consider installing cabinets around your bathroom, or another storage alternative, such as floating wall shelves. If you’re unsure about which option is best for you, consult a professional, such as a contractor, for advice.

Upgrade the Floors in your Bathroom

Lastly, one of the main areas you should consider upgrading during a bathroom remodel is the flooring. Bathroom floors can become dirty and outdated pretty quickly. That being said, consult your contractor about which flooring option is right for you. Your contractor will be able to help you choose a flooring material that fits your budget, needs, and overall design aesthetic.

Be Sure to Start with an Estimate

In order to better plan for your bathroom remodel in Plymouth Michigan it’s always best to start with an estimate to ensure you can stay within your budget. Be sure to call the home improvement experts at Home Pros Plymouth at 734-548-9911 for a free quote on your bathroom remodel project in Plymouth Michigan.

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