Do These 3 Things Right After a Home Remodel in Downriver Michigan

Getting a home improvement project done on your home can give you better functionality and design for your home. However, when getting a home remodel in Downriver Michigan done on your home there are some things you’ll need to do in order to get the best result from the project. Talk with a home improvement contractor in Downriver Michigan about these tips if you need help. 

Do These 3 Things Right After a Home Remodel in Downriver Michigan

Your home remodel project in Downriver Michigan is just finished, so you should sit back and relax, right? Well, if you want to ensure your home remodel stays in good condition, you should take these maintenance steps as soon as possible. Here are 3 things that you should do after you get a home remodel project completed in Downriver Michigan.

Do These 3 Things Right After a Home Remodel in Downriver Michigan

  1. Register Warranties

Let us preface this by saying that some home improvement contractors register the warranties for their customers. If you hired a home improvement contractor that did this, then you can skip this step.

Otherwise, you should dig up the warranty cards from any appliances, such as air conditioners and refrigerators. After reading the warranty cards, take any necessary steps to ensure you are using the manufacturer’s warranty adequately. Then, make sure you store the warranty cards in a safe and easily accessible place in case you need to refer to them in the future.

While this might seem like a ton of work just for an appliance you’re going to use for cooking, cleaning, or regulating your home’s temperature, it doesn’t even compare to the ton of work you might have to do if there is a technical issue.

Not only would you have to do a ton of extra work if there is a technical issue and you didn’t register your appliance, but you will most likely have to pay full price because you never registered the warranty, which would’ve covered at least a fraction of the costs.

  1. Seek Maintenance Tips

Generally, you should carry out standard cleaning practices for your whole house. But, there are most likely certain cleaning practices you should do for specific items and areas. That being said, it’s wise to consult your contractor on exactly how you should take care of your home remodel.

Your home contractor will be able to give you a general guide, as well as tips and tricks, on how you can care for a variety of items in your home, such as natural materials, filters, and plumbing fixtures.

These maintenance tips will help ensure your home remodel withstands the test of time and doesn’t require any premature repairs or services.

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  1. Protect Wood Floors

There’s nothing worse than remodeling your floors with wood, just to scratch your new hardwood within a few months of your home remodel. Not only will a scratch make a horrible screeching noise, but you will have a thick scrape on your brand new hardwood floors.

That being said, it’s important you protect your wood floors as soon as they’re installed. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to protect hardwood floors is by using felt pads. Simply adhere felt pads to anything that regularly slides on your floor, such as chair legs. But, be mindful that felt pads can wear down or fall off over time. So, regularly check on the condition of the felt pads.

Another tip to protecting your hardwood floors is by making sure your dogs are properly groomed. If you have a dog, it’s important to ensure their nails are short. If not, they could easily scratch your floors the second they decide to bolt to the door or run across the room.

Lastly, stop your family and guests from tacking in mud, rocks, or anything else that could embed into your hardwood floors by placing a coco mat at every door entrance.

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