7 Bathroom Remodel Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid

One of the most popular rooms to remodel in a home is the bathroom. Maybe people think because it’s a smaller room it can be much easier and inexpensive. Maybe it’s because almost all family members visit the room each day. Whatever the reason why you’re wanting to remodel your bathroom there are some mistakes when it comes to remodeling your bathroom that you’ll want to avoid. In this article I’ll discuss some of the most common and costly mistakes that home owners make when remodeling a bathroom in Ann Arbor Michigan. 

7 Bathroom Remodel Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid

The different mistakes that can happen are not in a specific order. In fact, each are almost equally as bad but some can certainly be more costly than others. You may remodel the entire bathroom and things may seem okay but the following bathroom remodel mistakes will eventually show up and really cause problems for you.

7 Bathroom Remodel Mistakes Youll Want to Avoid

Installing Glossy Finish Tiles or Flooring

One way to make the bathroom look clean is by installing tile flooring. You can install either stone or ceramic tiles and make the floor look great. However, if you install glossy tiles on the floor you may be in for a surprise when you step out the shower for the first time. These types of tiles are extremely slippery when they get wet and can easily cause you to fall.

Installing Laminate Flooring in the Bathroom

Laminate flooring has become extremely popular over the past decade or so. There are so many styles to choose from you can get a great looking flooring for your bathroom. Unfortunately, while the laminate flooring may hold up for a while the higher humidity in the bathroom will cause the planks in the flooring to swell and buckle at joints. Once this happens water can seep underneath and cause all sorts of problems.

Installing Carpet in the Bathroom

Installing carpet in the bathroom may seem like a good idea but it’s not. Carpet can hold moisture underneath which is bad. Even waterproof and marine grade carpet will do this. Holding moisture like this can allow mold to start growing under the carpet which can be really bad if allowed to continue over time.

Painting a Small Bathroom a Dark Color

One of the basic rules for painting a room is that smaller rooms need a lighter color. Dark paint can make the bathroom seem much smaller than it is and should be avoided. Bright colors should also be avoided.

Set a Budget and Use Quality Products

Before you do anything with your bathroom the first thing you’ll need to do is set up a budget for the complete bathroom remodel. You’ll need to include everything from the first demolition to the hand towel holder. A huge problem that many home owners run into is not having the budget for higher quality products especially at the end of the bathroom remodel. Make sure to use quality products and include them in your budget as well. Spending thousands of dollars in a bathroom remodel and then installing a $5 shower head made from plastic is not something you’ll want to do.

Installing Wallpaper in the Bathroom

One of the biggest problems with any construction or design products in the bathroom is the humidity that occurs in the bathroom when someone gets a shower or bath. The high humidity can cause problems with some wallpaper and cause it to start peeling away from the wall over time.

Attempting Plumbing in the Bathroom Yourself

When it comes to plumbing or electrical work on your bathroom it’s not a do it yourself project. Making a simple mistake in the plumbing on your bathroom can cause you to need to remove everything just to deal with the problem. Hiring a plumber or home improvement contractor just for this part may be a bit more expensive but it’s certainly worth it especially if your mistake causes other problems in the home.

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