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5 Tips for a Great Bathroom Remodel Project in Ann Arbor Michigan

Has the bathroom in your Ann Arbor Michigan home gotten a bit drab and boring? Maybe it’s time to get a bathroom remodel in your Ann Arbor Michigan home. However, before contacting a home improvement contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan and jumping right into a remodel project there are some tips that can certainly help you out. In this article I’ll give you 5 tips that can make your bathroom remodel project go smoothly and you’ll get the most out of your remodeling dollars. 

5 Tips for a Great Bathroom Remodel Project in Ann Arbor Michigan

There are two rooms in the home that always have the best outcome when it comes to a home remodel project. Those two rooms are the bathroom and the kitchen. And while both these projects can certainly help your  home be more valuable and also give you more functionality and personality to your home they can be quite costly. That’s why getting the most from a bathroom remodel is so important, and will allow you to get more out of your bathroom remodel budget if you have one. I’ll go over some of the top tips for making the most of your bathroom remodel in Ann Arbor Michigan below.

5 Tips for a Great Bathroom Remodel Project in Ann Arbor Michigan

Be Sure to Create a Budget First

Starting a bathroom remodel project without first creating a budget is asking for trouble. Without some sort of budget no matter how small or large you’ll end up frustrated and indecisive about much of the remodel project. It’s always best to have a budget for the entire project and then some extra in case there are things that show up unexpectedly. Make a budget and stick with it for best results. This will also need to be done before you even call a home improvement contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan.

Keep Your Bathroom Energy Efficient and Environmentally Protective

Although you may not consider the bathroom a place to be environmentally conscience, it is. There are many different choices that you can make in the bathroom remodel that can make the home more energy efficient. And with each and every upgrade you do on your home that makes it energy efficient means less and less you’ll need to pay each month on energy costs. Look at energy efficient bathroom fixtures and such to help.

Let it Breath… Don’t Forget Ventilation and HVAC in the Bathroom

One of the most overlooked areas of the bathroom is the HVAC and ventilation in the bathroom. Remember that keeping the bathroom at a desired temperature is usually wanted and if there isn’t enough heating or cooling it can make taking a shower a task in itself. Make sure there are enough ventilation as well as heating and cooling in the bathroom after the remodel. Typically, using the same size register can work if it’s performing as it should before the bathroom remodel.

Storage in the Bathroom and Why it’s Needed

Taking out a closet or shelves will usually give you some much needed room in the bathroom. However, be sure to consider how much storage space you’ll need in the bathroom. Sacrificing storage area for floor space can sometimes have negative effects on the bathroom remodel.

Use a Licensed Bathroom Contractor in Ann Arbor MI

Whenever you have any sort of work done on your home it’s always best to use a qualified home improvement contractor. Using low budget contractors may leave you with bigger problems than when you started. Compare quotes from home improvement contractors and if there  is a very low bid it’s best to really look at that company and consider they may not be giving you everything the others are. Always use licensed and qualified home improvement contractors when getting any type of remodel work done on your home in Ann Arbor Michigan.

Get a Free Estimate on a Bathroom Remodel in Ann Arbor Michigan

After you’ve made a budget for your bathroom remodel in Ann Arbor Michigan the next step is to get an estimate on the work you would like to have done. To do so, contact one of the best home improvement contractors in Ann Arbor Michigan; A2HomePros. You can reach A2HomePros by visiting their website at or by calling 734-548-9910


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